Congrats to D123 Students on the Oak Lawn Outlaws!

While many of us were enjoying a little rest and relaxation during Thanksgiving break, District 123 student’s on the Oak Lawn Outlaws Football and Cheerleading teams were en route to Florida for the State Championships.
“The Junior team travels (together by bus) to Daytona Beach, Florida and they spend their break, practicing, training, team building and squeezing in a bunch of fun,” said Glenn Kerri, a parent with the team. 
The competition is The 2017 National Youth Football Championships and has teams from all over the southeast, midwest and east coast. Junior athletes come from Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School. and other middle schools in the area.
The OLHMS students on this years team at the National tournament are:
Cheerleaders – Won 2nd place overall and 2nd in Spirit, Dance, and Pyramid. 
  • Shealie Stack
  • Sara Zimbron
  • Khiya Greenan
  • Grace Taheny
  • Bianca Bafia
  • Vanessa Carr
  • Mia Uriarte
  • Calista Conte
  • Alyssa Perez
  • Anisa Ramos
  • Lexi Rusco
  • Alissa Medina
  • Addison Schmidt
Football Players won 2nd Place in the football tournament.
  • Jalen Johnson # 28 – Running Back / Linebacker
  • Rance Hopkins # 13 – Offensive Line / Defensive Line
  • Justin Stawczyk # 75 – Center / Def Line
  • Kaleel Houston # 9 – Linebacker / Off. Line
  • Joe Mayo #20 – Quarterback / Safety
  • Zakk Maes # 31 – Center / Def Line
  • Tristen Salgado # 86 – Tight End / Linebacker
Congratulations to the District 123 athletes and the whole Outlaw team!