Covington Science Fair Winners

The Annual 5th Grade Science Fair at Covington

The Annual 5th Grade Science Fair at Covington

Covington School recently had their annual 5th Grade Science Fair. Students, staff, parents and other supporters came out to the Covington Gym to see what projects and experiments the 5th graders put to the test this year.

Some stand out experiments included, which chip brand is the healthiest? What drink is more acidic? and What keeps Roses fresh the longest? 4th-grade students had the big responsibility to judge the projects and crown the most popular, while staff picked the Gold, Silver, and Bronze projects.

Winners from this year’s Science Fair were:

  • Most Popular Project: Jazlyn Chiquito & Emily Hernandez for Which Brand of Soap Will Conduct the Largest Cloud of Soap?
  • Bronze winners: Jasmine Aceremo & Iris Aguado for Can the Mung Bean Grow wit Liquid Besides Water?
  • Silver winner: Luca Burns for Which Color of Lights is the Hottest?
  • Gold winner: Diego Gamboa for Does the temperature of a magnet Affect how strong the force is?