Covington Students Adopt a Whale

Hendryx and Olivia, led their class in adopting a whale. 

Hendryx and Olivia, led their class in adopting a whale.

You read that right! Two students in Mrs. Taylor’s class, Hendryx and Olivia, led their class in adopting a whale.

The students read an article on NewsELA during Literacy Center time, about a fisherman who was hunting whales. Both were very intrigued by this story and decided to do more research. After reading a news article about several kinds of endangered whale species, a group of my students wanted to start a campaign to “save the whales.” The idea quickly spread throughout the classroom, with the students voicing their desire to do research on endangered animals, including whales.

“My students would also like to have a whale as a class “pet”, and participate in adopting a real whale. The money raised would go towards a Classroom Whale Adoption Package from the Pacific Whale Foundation We decided as a class to adopt a rare whale named Migaloo. Migaloo is the world’s only all white humpback whale, and currently has been spotted off the coast of Australia,” said Mrs. Taylor.

The class gets updates about Migaloo’s sightings, and also learned about his history. Both students were recognized on Monday 12/18 at the D123 Board Meeting for their hard work and for starting a successful student project. There is an abundance of opportunities for students to expand their scope and interests outside of the classroom, and the best part is that it has all been student-created!