Covington Students Show Off Their Artistic Talents

Students at Covington had the chance to show off some of their outstanding artwork at the annual Art Show. The gym was transformed into an art gallery showcasing everything from computer art to paintings featuring students favorite places. Visitors could also do some artwork of their own while at the event, get a temporary tattoo, or take a quick pic at the photo booth!

Art Show 1st Place Winners:

Ayah Samra
Sebastian Morales
Mahmoud Samra
Jayden Schlosser
Sara Abdelrahman
Sofia Lara
Zakaria Aburabah
Adam Yasin
Olivia Chwieko
Sofia Sandoval
Ethan Bacerra
Vanessa Mendoza
Julian Eccles
Bryanna Sol Lopez

Art Show 2nd Place Winners:

Charlie Jobb
Sofia Lara
David Villarreal
Cameron Clark
Julie Marquez

Art Show 3rd Place Winners:

Sofia Vasquez
Lilian Ibarra
Briana Lopez
Alanah Martinez
Jackson Sheaham