Principal Gets Stuck to Wall

He's stuck!

He’s stuck!

Students at Covington had quite the start to their half day when they got the chance to tape Mr. Wawczak to the gym wall. For just $1 a student could purchase a strip of duct tape to attach the principal to the wall. Students brought in their money and happily started sticking it to Mr. Wawczak who enthusiastically took on the challenge. Grade by grade came up to apply their tape until the final piece was placed.

The event was all part of a fundraiser for the school’s field day at the end of the year.

“We are so proud of you Covington students for saving up your money so that we can go outside and have a fun field day when the weather gets warm,” said PTO President Maggie Bartoszewski.

With that, it was time to see if the tape had “stuck”, volunteers moved Wawczak’s stool and the principal was officially stuck to the wall!